StarTech Cable USBAUB1MLA 1m Micro-USB Charge+Sync Cable M/M Left Angle 30/24AWG Retail


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This 30/24 Micro-USB cable features 24 AWG wire, to provide the full power you need to charge your mobile devices faster.
Plus, the left-angled Micro-USB connector is great for charging your mobile devices in a car, or for accessing your mobile device while its connected to a wall charger or computer.

Provide full charging power to your mobile devices
Different phones and tablets require specific amounts of power to charge efficiently. A phone might only require 1.0A of power while a tablet may need 2.4A of power.
This 30/24 Micro-USB cable is designed to deliver full power to your mobile devices so that all of your devices can charge at the expected speed.

Connect with ease
The left-angled Micro-USB connector lets you connect to ports that are difficult to reach, which is perfect for charging your car-mounted mobile devices. Even while youre charging your mobile device, you can use it to text, work or game, without the cable getting in the way.
The angled connector also prevents the cable from bending awkwardly or from straining too much to make a connection. It offers a more natural fit at the connection point, preventing unnecessary stress and damage to the cable and device port.

Charge and sync your USB mobile devices
Replace the Micro-USB cable that came with your mobile device, or keep one as a spare while traveling so that your mobile devices will be ready to use while youre on the road.

  • Cable Length
    39.4 in (1000 mm)
  • Color
  • Connector Style
    Straight to Left Angle
  • Product Length
    39.4 in (1000 mm)
  • Wire Gauge
    24/30 AWG
  • Cable Jacket Type
    PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Cable Shield Type
    Aluminum-Mylar Foil with Braid
  • Connector Plating
  • Type and Rate
    USB 2.0 – 480 Mbit/s
  • Connector A
    1 x USB A (4 pin) Male
  • Connector B
    1 x USB Micro-B (5 pin) Male
  • Item Dimension (L”xW”xH”)
    9 x 5 x 1
  • Weight
    1 lb
  • Warranty Information
1 lbs


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SKU: 175599 Category: MPN: USBAUB1MLAUPC: 65030863148