Opti-UPS UPS SS2000 2000VA Stabilizer Series Retail


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The Mighty Voltage Regulator is the ideal protection for computers or other electronic equipment from various power fluctuations which by their nature are quite harmful. These units incorporate AVR technology that adjusts over and under voltages to keep electrical currents at safe range for your systems. Now the electricity powering your equipment will be clean. Besides correcting dangerous voltage fluctuations, these units offer one of the highest Energy Surge Rating around, which is important to protect against the most harmful disturbances in your AC line called spikes.

  • Maximum Capacity(VA/W) 2000VA/1000Watts
  • AC Input
  • Phase: 1 2W+G
  • Nominal Input Voltage 120Vac
  • Nominal Input Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz Auto Sensing
  • Input Voltage Range Voltage Range 15%
  • AC output
  • Phase: 1 2W+G
  • Nominal Output Voltage: 120Vac / 220Vac / 230Vac
  • Output Voltage Regulation:Voltage Range 5%
  • Nominal Output Frequency : 50Hz or 60Hz Auto Sensing
  • Number of Outlets 110Vac / 220Vac : 6 outlets (US)
    230Vac : 4 outlets (German)
  • Efficiency: 95% above
  • Protection
  • Operation: Buck / Boost
  • Component: Relay Multi-Tap Transformer
  • Operation Frequency: NA
  • Heat Sink:Heat Release Apertures
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SKU: 84210 Category: MPN: SS2000UPC: 766908961217