Hewlett Packard SSD 2LU81AAABL 1TB S700 Pro Series 2.5 inch Retail


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HP SSD S700 Pro Series delivers compact storage and optimized performance for traditional and innovative small-form-factor and embedded platforms in 4 capacity sizes: 128GB、256GB、512GB and 1TB .

The case 2.5inch SSD design has a significantly smaller footprint than a 2.5inch hard disk drive (HDD), and enables fast read/write access times and a significant I/O and throughput performance improvement as compared to HDDs. This design makes it ideal for new and innovative small form factor computing platforms that have size and weight requirements that traditional 2.5inch HDD s cannot meet; such as, notebook, thin-and-light systems, mini-and sub-notebooks, all in-one computers, and embedded platforms.

As compared to standard mobile HDDs, HP SSD S700 Pro Series offers these key features:

• High performance

• Low power

• Increased system responsiveness

• High reliability

• Small form-factor

• Minimum weight

• Enhanced ruggedness

  • Capacity
  • Components
    3D NAND Flash
    Read and Write IOPS (Iometer Queue Depth 32)
    Random 4 KB reads: Up to 90 K IOPS
    Random 4 KB writes: Up to 95 K IOPS
  • Bandwidth Performance
    Sustained sequential read: Up to 570MB/s
    Sustained sequential write: Up to 525MB/s
  • SATA 1.5 Gb/s ,3 Gb/s and 6 Gb/s interface
    SSD-enhanced S.M.A.R.T. ATA feature
    Native Command Queuing (NCQ)command set
    Data set management command Trim attribute
  • Form Factor
    Full-sized 2.5inch SSD
  • Power Management
    5 V 2.5inch SSD power supply
    2.5inch SSD interface power management
  • Power (Mobile Mark 2007 Workload)
    Idle: 230 mW(TYP)
    max: 3.71W (TYP)
  • Temperature
    Operating: 0oC to 70oC
    Non-Operating: -40oC to 85oC
  • Shock (operating and non-operating)
    100 G/6 msec
  • Vibration(operating and non-operating)
    3.1G RMS (2-500 Hz)
  • Latency
    Read: 0.033ms (TYP)
    Write: 0.030ms (TYP)
  • Reliability
    Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER): 1 sector in 1016bits read
    Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): 2,000,000 hours
  • Certifications and Declarations
  • Item Dimension (L inchxW inchxH inch)
    4 x 3 x 1
  • Weight
    1.00 lb
  • Warranty Information
    3 Years
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SKU: 204573 Category: MPN: 2LU81AA#ABLUPC: 191628712151